Opened 2nd sample room 30 km outside of Hanoi employing 15 operators.


Moved to present domicile. Established Copenhagen Delights Co., Ltd. which designs, produces and
markets high-end kids fashion through own shops in Vietnam and distributors in Singapore, Malaysia,
Korea and Japan.


Started producing headwear for women suffering from hair loss.


Moved to bigger office.


Based on specific demands from industrial laundries, production of towels and table linen was added
to the product portfolio.


Short Cut Partners Ltd. officially obtained its license to operate in Vietnam. Commenced production
of kids wear and work wear for the EU market. Provided consultancy work for the Danish Foreign Ministry
with regards to its sponsored B2B Development Program for Vietnam. Acted as quality controllers of the
production of Long Lasting Insecticide Impregnated Mosquito nets.


The Co-founders of Short Cut Partners Ltd. Pia Normann and Soren Husted moved to Vietnam. After carefully
investigating the cost structure of garment production in the North and the South of Vietnam, it was
decided to establish the office in Hanoi.