Government plans to submit TPP to National Assembly for ratification in July




The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement will be submitted to the 14th National Assembly for ratification at its first session scheduled for July this year.

This is highlighted in Resolution No. 33/NQ-CP of May 9, on the Government’s April 2016 regular meeting.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will work with the Ministry of Justice, the Government Office and related ministries and sectors in finalizing a report on ratification the TPP agreement. After the report is signed by the Prime Minister, it will be tabled to the President who will then consider and submit it to the 14th National Assembly for approval at its first session.

At the meeting, the Government approved a Ministry of Justice-prepared report reviewing the current legal system and releasing a list of legal documents to be revised, supplemented or promulgated in line with the TPP agreement.

The cabinet asked the Ministry of Justice to join hands with other ministries, agencies and localities in further reviewing the legal system and, on that basis, proposing specific plans on adjustment of legal provisions in conformity with the implementation roadmap and requirements of the deal. The review results will be reported to the Government in December this year.